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Ship your package

Shipping is what we do best, and this is easy for us as we take not only your package into consideration, we take the time to know and understand you our valued customer. Others may say “take a number”, but at e-Biz we say “have a seat, and we’ll take care of the rest”. Our shipping services cater to your every need, just choose a location and experience our exclusive shipping service.

A most cost-effective way in which we provide for your shipping needs is through consolidated shipping from the United States. Consolidation results in lower shipping costs to you by combining individual packages, which in essence also allows for greater security.

It matters not where you are shipping from, the e-Biz Centre is always available to meet your needs. With 2 locations island wide, you have nothing to worry about; we ship from a pin to an anchor in any quantity, once the item can be legally imported.

What you can do?

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