Click a yaad... an’ shop abrawd!

Personal Shopper

A global revolution in the way people shop is rapidly occurring as access to the Internet and comfort with the technology increase. An astounding range of merchandise awaits shoppers, who can shop at anytime from online stores, which are open 24/7. The ease with which items can be located and deals and discounts scouted, as well as the convenience and associated privacy make the online shopping experience an unparalleled one.

Getting Started

The e-Biz Centre is your gateway to the wonderful world of online shopping. We will provide you with a US mailing address when you sign-up.  Your online orders will be delivered to this address.    

A foreign exchange credit card that is universally acceptable, such as a US credit card, is also needed.  If you sign up with us, but do not have such a card, we can facilitate your purchase for a fee.

If you need to access the Internet, a comfortable cyber centre within our offices is available free of charge.   

We recommend you read our security tips, before you start shopping! 

Online Stores

Shopping online is straightforward.  Systems for the most part  are very user-friendly. Many vendors  provide tools that enhance decision-making,  to compensate for the customer’s inability to physically inspect products.  Some vendors include product reviews/ratings by customers who have already purchased items.  This information is often very helpful.

After locating a product or item and deciding that you would like to buy, it is simply a matter of marking off required attributes and quantity, adding to your electronic shopping cart then proceeding to checkout. At this point, you will be required to provide personal as well as credit card information.

After placing your order online, you should receive an order confirmation page that reviews/invoices your entire order. Be sure to save and/or print this message as well as any other e-mail correspondence from the company. The invoice is required for customs clearance in Jamaica, so please remember to email it  to,