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Q. Why should I sign up with The e-Biz Centre?

A. You are provided with all the tools and assistance you need to buy products via the Internet, from 1-800 numbers and merchants overseas. A US mailing address is just one of the benefits of membership.

We guarantee excellent customer service and offer very competitive rates for our wide range of services.

If you are a business owner, our services can support more cost-effective operation, since you can keep reduced inventories because of our quick-turnaround time for getting packages or merchandise to you.

By signing up, you also give your friends and family overseas more options for getting packages safely and quickly to you in Jamaica.


Q. How soon after registration can I start shopping?

A. Immediately. All you need is the mailing address which is provided to you upon registration and a foreign exchange credit card that is universally acceptable.

Q. For how long is my membership valid?

A. Your registration with The e-Biz Centre is valid for twelve months.

Close to the time of expiry, a Customer Service Representative will alert you about renewing your membership.



Q. How many persons can use my account?

A. You are allowed two (2) additional persons on your account. If anyone, other than those stated on your registration form, uses your account, a temporary registration fee will be applied in addition to the regular freight and duty charges.

Q. Can my friends or family members in the US send packages to me via my US mailing address?

A. We certainly would like them to use our service. They may either send or drop off packages to your mailing address, which is provided to you on sign-up.



Q. How long will it take for my package to get to Jamaica?

A. Once the item has been shipped and arrives at the US mailing address, it takes on average 3-5 business days to get to Jamaica.

Q. How can I know where my package is?

A. Most suppliers tag your package with a tracking number for shipping. Once the item has been dispatched from the supplier’s location, you are able to track its movement to your US address on that company’s website.

When your package reaches your US mailing address it is entered in The e-Biz Centre’s tracking system. You can then track its progress to Jamaica by using your log-in to our website. .

Q. How is duty calculated?

A. Imported items are subject to the fees which are applied by the Jamaica Customs Department.

The following fees/taxes are calculated against the cost of most items:

▪ Import Duty - 20%
▪ General Consumption Tax (GCT) – 17.5%
▪ Customs User Fee (CUF) - 2%
▪ Environmental Levy – 0.5%

For some items, Import Duty is either not applied or a reduced amount is charged. Tools, computers and computer parts, for example, attract no import duty, though other taxes/fees apply such as GCT, Customs User Fee (CUF) and the Environmental Levy. Exercise and musical equipment are subject to lower Import Duty (10%), in addition to GCT, CUF and Environmental Levy.

Currently, only CUF and Environmental Levy are charged on the importation of books.

Q. What is the frequency of your company’s shipments to Jamaica?

A. We ship to Jamaica twice weekly.


Q. Does The e-Biz Centre have restrictions on what types of items or what quantities can be shipped?

A. We ship from a pin to an anchor, in any quantities, once the item can be legally imported.

You may seek more information from the Jamaica Customs Department about restricted items and those that may require importation permits.



Q. Do you provide credit cards?

A. We do not provide credit cards. However we can facilitate your purchase, through the use of our credit card for a small service fee.

Q. Do you use your company credit card to purchase software in a downloadable format?

A. We do not use our card to purchase downloadable software. However, we can assist with online searches to see whether the product exists in a physical form and is available for purchase.

Q. I have a credit card, but am uncomfortable with the idea of using it to shop online. Can The e-Biz Centre purchase it for me?

A. Once we are satisfied that the supplier’s site is authentic, we can make the purchase for you for a small service fee.



Q. How safe is it for me to shop online?

A. Shopping over the Internet is relatively safe provided you employ certain safeguards. In many instances, unauthorized use of credit cards and identity theft arise where the bona fide card user has unwittingly assisted fraudulent activity, such as furnishing credit card information to a site that is not authentic.

Please see our Security Tips which can help you to protect yourself when shopping online.



Q. Are my packages insured?

A. When you register with us, you will be given the option to insure your packages. This coverage will protect you in cases of proven loss, damage or theft of item(s) or packages during transportation from your US mailing address to The e-Biz Centre.

A Customer Service Representative will provide you with more details about the cost to insure your packages , as well as relevant terms and conditions, when you sign -up.


Q. Are there items that you do not insure?

A. We do not insure the following items:

  • Electronic Files on diskette or compact disc (CD)
  • Glass and ceramic items unless they are crated
  • Plasma televisions, LCD TVs and Monitors unless they are crated
  • Model airplanes, ships and architectural models, etc.
  • Precious stones
  • Silver and other precious metals
  • Furs
  • Items on the International Air Transport Association’s (IATA’s) “Dangerous Goods” list
  • Tobacco
  • Goods requiring refrigeration
  • Negotiable documents of any kind (stamps, stock certificates, tickets or passes of any
    kind or any item which can be readily converted to cash
  • Cash (bank notes or coins)
  • Money orders
  • Cellular phones with a value of US$1500 or more
  • Manuscript, newsprint, documents
  • Perishable items such as flowers, plants, seeds, eggs
  • Grandfather clocks or any kind of stand up clocks
  • Neon signs
  • Animals or birds



Q. Can you suggest where I can get deals online?

A. You can contact us anytime for information about suppliers who are offering deals and specials to online shoppers.

Q. Does the e-Biz Centre source products for their customers?

A. We can assist you with your search once you have provided us with the necessary information.

Q. If I need to return an item, can I do this through The e-Biz Centre?

A. This is a service that we offer. A Customer Service Representative will tell you what to do if you would like to return something.


Q. Do you offer outbound international courier service?

A. Yes, we offer outbound service to any country in the world.

Q: Does The e-Biz Centre offer a local delivery service?

A. We can facilitate delivery directly to you anywhere in Jamaica for a fee.


Q: What are your business hours?

A: Our offices are open Monday to Friday from 10:00a.m. to 5:00p.m and Saturdays 10:00am to 2:00pm.

Q: What is the location of your offices?

A. Find us in Kingston at:
10 Argyle Road (Off Braemar Avenue); Kingston 10
We have provided a map of the New Kingston Area to help you find us easily.

View Larger Map

Find us in Old Harbour, St. Catherine at:

Shop 4 Eastside Plaza
35 East Street
Old Harbour, St. Catherine

Find us in May Pen, Clarendon at:

20 Storks Street
May Pen, Clarendon

If you need to reach us by telephone, our numbers are:

(Kingston) (876) 978-3250;
(Old Harbour) (876) 745-4174
(May Pen) (876) 902-1760)